geopolitical research and analysis

Geopolitical Research and Analysis

In a fast-paced globalised business environment commercial, trade and investment issues intersect heavily with politics across borders. The relationships between nations, major powers, and economic blocs are dynamic and events in one part of the world often bear changes in another. Inherent in this framework is geopolitical risk.

Building an understanding of geopolitics and geopolitical risk through on-going research and analysis plays a critical role in your organisation’s strategic planning and investment decision making. At Pequod Advisory Group we assist clients in navigating what is often a noisy and confusing environment. We provide detailed geopolitical intelligence backgrounders as part of market entry studies - ensuring your organisation is knowledgeable on the geopolitical risk factors; and continuous monitoring and analysis of geopolitical events which may impact your organisation’s business operations and commercial investments. In combination with scenario planning and strategy, our firm can help in preparing senior executives for an uncertain world.

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