A management consultancy providing strategic advisory to leading organisations informing key business decision making and foreign investments.


Geopolitics, trade policy, business regulation, media and information can be overwhelming.

The international environment is increasingly beset by uncertainty over geopolitics, policy, trade conflicts, and market regulation. Pequod Advisory Group merges context and clarity with intelligence to support organisations in charting their course forward.

A multi-disciplinary management consulting firm, we merge elements of geopolitical analysis, strategy consulting, scenario planning, business intelligence, public affairs, strategic communications, and diplomacy to ensure we deliver a broad picture assessment of your specific situation and critical issues.

We infuse context, both contemporary and historical, and relevant data to establish a fact-based understanding.

Leveraging a multi-cultural in-field network of advisors and resources across Asia, Europe, and the Middle East ensures Pequod Advisory Group delivers your organisation premium value intelligence for critical strategic decision making and investment planning.



As a strategic advisory Pequod Advisory Group provides a suite of professional services to clients across geographies and economic sectors.



A sample portfolio of our client assignments for your perusal.