We undertake bespoke consulting projects across geographies and economic sectors.

corporate intelligence: Market entry study, healthcare, singapore & malaysia

Provided a detailed breakdown of the healthcare market spaces in Singapore and Malaysia. Including, inter alia, key agencies and regulatory authorities, relevant policy and legislation, competitors key players, economic and demographic data, and potential business risks for a foreign investor.


Geopolitical monitoring and analysis, oil & Gas, south china sea

A monthly outlook and analysis, for an oil company, of key geopolitical and military events in the South China Sea affecting natural resource exploitation. Key players include China, the US, Vietnam, the Philippines, Japan, Taiwan, and ASEAN.


geopolitical research and analysis, jcpoa - the iran nuclear deal, europe

Drafted a research and analysis paper outlining the key elements post-US withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal, and the effects on and opportunities for, Europe and European businesses. Bespoke advisory on the nature of economic sanctions.

REVIEW of the impact of digital- and social media on advocacy: 2016 us presidential election and the arab spring

A research report aggregating and analysing academic literature pertaining to the role of digital media on the US Presidential election. A second part examining the role of social media in the lead up to the Arab Spring.

corporate intelligence: market analysis, banking and finance, cambodia

Compiled a research and analysis report utilising on-ground sources, on the Cambodian banking and finance sector. Included important new market entrants, Chinese influence, analysis of political connections, and key commercial events.