Bespoke market research and corporate intelligence. Enabling you to take informed business-critical decisions with confidence.


Our Mission

We aim to support effective strategic planning and decision-making at c-suite level in organisations with impartial, fact-based advisory.

We achieve this by delivering market research and intelligence to allow senior management decision makers to stay abreast of incipient geopolitical, economic, regulatory, policy, compliance, or commercial manoeuvres in key strategic territories where they have business interests, now or in the future.


MARKET RESEARCH AND corporate intelligencE

Collection and analysis of information on markets, competitors, regulatory environments, compliance frameworks, relevant government policy and legislation, partners, and the business- and foreign investment landscape, to provide a broad picture evaluation of commercial geographies.

Geopolitical research and analysis

Synthesising geopolitical events in key geographies and providing context in analysis relevant to your operations. Covering domestic political affairs in your markets of operation.

Scenario Planning and Strategy

Working in-depth with you we assess possible future scenarios and assist internal teams in planning and strategy to maximise advantages and minimise exposure.